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“Law is the group of conditions that allows the freedom of each person to accommodate to the freedom of everybody”.

Inmanuel Kant

Climent Abogados, is leaded by Mr. Enrique Climent Espinós. Created in 1.993, it has gain experience for twenty nine years, giving advice in law services to people, and all sorts of companies, small as well as large.

The firm also has an important support team of successful lawyers.

What make us different from other large firms, are the confidence, the nearness, and the continuous personalized treatment to our clients. Our main goal is to achieve success, and satisfaction of our client’s expectations. To procure this, we work in team using all possible resources on each particular subject. The most important rule for us is not to delegate important matters on young lawyers who have less experience.

We are specialized in Convenyance and Real State.

We guarantee that all matters of importance will be attended for a qualified teamwork of professionals with an extensive experience.

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